Comfortable shape that became popular in the early '60's. Modern profile that works well with all playing styles. This is also the standard back contour for our Chiappona Bass. Typical thickness for both guitars and basses is .830" at the first fret. 


This Contour is found on early '50's solidbody electric guitars. similar to the C Shape with more shoulder. This contour is usually used on chunkier (.900" first fret) necks. Great for players who play with their thumb on the back or side of the neck.



Late '50's style that has enough room down the center for your thumb but still has enough V for over the top playing. Typically has a first fret thickness of .850".


Ergonomic design that allows for a fuller feel in the palm while providing easier finger access. .850" and .860" are common first fret thicknesses.



Thickness measures the size of the neck from front to back, including the fingerboard. You can get a thickness anywhere between .750″ to .900″ in .010″ increments with a  .070″ taper from the first fret to the 12th fret. The thicknesses listed in the contour section above are only guidelines, feel free to adjust to your preference. 



Vintage bolt-on neck guitars pretty much all had fingerboards with a 7.25" radius. Flatter (Larger) radii became more popular over the years, as well as the concept of compound radius. In this case, the radius changes from one value to a flatter one as you move up the neck. Its allows for a vintage feel in the lower frets, and more modern flatter radius up high. We offer 7-1/4", 9-1/2", 10, and 12"  as a straight radius and compound radius options of 7-1/4" - 9-1/2", 9-1/2" - 12", 10" - 14", 10" - 16", and 12" - 14".


6230 VINTAGE SMALL (.080"w x .043"h) Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel
Small wire for a more vintage feel. Used on vintage Fender Necks.

6105 NARROW TALL(.090"w x .055"h) Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel
Tall and narrow - a great all-purpose fret.

6125 MODERN JUMBO (.095"w x .047"h) Nickel Silver only
A new size for the player that wants something in between 6105 & 6150.
6130 MEDIUM JUMBO (.106"w x .036"h) Nickel Silver only
Low and wide fret for lots of fingerboard feel. Used on many Gibson necks

6150 STANDARD JUMBO (.104"w x .047"h) Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel
True jumbo fret for rock and bass players

6100 EXTRA JUMBO (.110"w x .057"h) Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel
Huge fret wire for those who want a scalloped feel

6000 SUPER JUMBO (.118"w x .058"h) Nickel Silver only
Railroad ties - the largest size fret available